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Sir Jareth and Author Take-overs

My very first author take-over was great fun. I met new readers, which is always the best part for me. I had several giveaways and games, one of which was guess Jareth's character sketch. I don't usually reveal who I have in mind when I write a story, because I believe the final analysis lies with the reader. But, I thought it would be fun and it WAS! I was, however, surprised how quickly the correct guess came. Anyway, above is Sir Jareth in all his glory....let us bask in his British brilliance ***sigh*** Back to more bookish business now...

I will be hosting another author takeover next Saturday, April 30 at 8:00EST on Books and Boys Blog Facebook page. Go join the group if you'd like to participate. I'll have more prizes and different games for us; more fun discussions and question opportunities. I've come up with a completely new set of questions and games, but I'm still opened to suggestions. If you have any, send me an email. These takeovers are for you, so be interactive and help me make it a great night for everyone. It's like a party! So, mark your calendars and log into FB next Saturday night and invite reader friends!

Also, a reader from Instagram is hosting a book discussion of The Guardian on Sunday, May 29, which is fabulous because that is so close the release of Category Jeremy. I'll be having a really, REALLY good giveaway that I'm sure you'll love. Contact THECOSTARICANREADER on IG for more details. Her name is Wendy and she has been gracious to host this event. Anyone who has read or is interested in reading The Guardian is welcomed to tune in. And as always, invite your reader and bookstagram friends.

I hope you all found something good to read this weekend. ***Hugs*** E.H.

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