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The age of Dover's Amalgam begins! Join the Duke and Duchess of Dover on an adventure of knights, time travel, and the new world of the mysterious hosts. Climb into the wormhole today and begin the journey!

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The Guardian

The first in the series of the Chronicles of Dover's Amalgam, The Guardian is an introduction to the world of knights, time travel, and the hosts that need the protection of a guardian. 

Join Jareth and Elizabet as they embark on the journey that begins it all!

Category Jeremy


Within the body of Jeremy is a weapon of mass destruction. Being the strongest host in Dover’s Amalgam, he is known as Category Jeremy to those who keep his secrets. But his DNA mutation is not his greatest challenge; it is the memory of a girl who haunts his every step. The girl he left behind…

Eight years have passed since Jeremy left his hometown and now, Beau wants nothing to do with him. She doesn't know that part of the reason he's back is to restore her reputation. He will do whatever it takes to right the wrongs he caused, even it means to keep up the lie that he is normal. If Beau finds out what he is, she will be a target for his savage and ruthless enemies. There is a war going on unseen to the natural world. A war that involves host of forces of nature and a league set on plowing down anyone who stands in their way of complete control of Dover's Amalgam.


The Heir 

In order to get the man she had been obsessing about, Shelby Hollier has done unimaginable and unladylike things. Like stealing Solomon Tremaine’s wallet, stalking his home and trespassing upon his property. Before she knows it, she is sucked into a wormhole and into a world she never imagined still existed. 
Welcome to Dover Castle. A place where things are never what they seem...



Banished by his father, Peter Tremaine is sent to the Regency Era to save Dover's dukedom. Known as a lothario among his peers, Peter finds that his past will follow him no matter what wormhole he is sent through. What his peers don't know is the secret that lies at the heart of his vices. A dark secret that is dogging his every step, threatening to tear his soul to pieces and there is one who sees all that he tries to hide....his best friend's sister, Vivian Dare.

Set among balls, high tea, and Parliament, Dover's Amalgam is changing. Host are morphing, popping up all over various eras and it's a race to collect them before Dover's enemies have the chance to enlist them into an unbeatable army. An army that could bring the world to its knees. As Peter struggles to keep his secret hidden, he uncovers a greater threat that has been hiding right under the nose of Dover's Amalgam. A league of super charged heroes who are bringing fire with them.

The Headmaster.jpg

The Headmaster

Unlikely headmaster, Auguste Bonnaire, is in trouble again. The ex-French lieutenant can handle war intelligence, but children are not his forte. Especially kids who are packing death blows in their DNA. Things at Margate's School of The Invisibles becomes even more daunting when the heir of Dover's seat turns up in search of sanctuary. Now, Auguste has to protect the young heir, his students, and a terrible secret that if exposed, could have him terminated as headmaster and forfeit his very life.


Fallen Mortal

USA Today Bestselling Authors, J.A. Culican and Elizabetta Holcomb join to bring a series featuring reapers as never seen before. Set in the Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology, join Oria on a journey only the strongest Imperium Reaper can navigate. If only she can stay out of trouble long enough and not fall for a mortal while doing it!


Fallen Divine

Oria goes deeper and deeper into trouble and now, she's added grief to the mix. When her brother is killed by a mortal, her ex-betrothed is there to comfort her. What's a reaper to do? She must try not to fall for the Divine Reaper, that's what.

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