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Keeping Perspectives

One of my kids asked how I was handling bad reviews. My answer wasn't an easy one. As an author, we all want readers to love our books and when that doesn't happen, disappointment and doubt can set in. For every five positive reviews, there will be that one negative that has a bit of nastiness with it. Someone hated your characters or thought the whole precept to your story was stupid--whatever; it happens. What I am doing is learning from each and every review. I want each of my books to get better and better. I'm listening to what readers are saying and taking the criticism into consideration. Not everyone will love or even like my writing, but then there is the audience that will positively adore it and I'm seeing those. My absolute favorite part of this adventure is meeting readers who fangirl over my characters and love my books. It's amazing that readers from other countries are picking up MY novel and loving it. It's the reason I continue to write and better the craft/art.

I have read many books that I have not connected with. It happens. But that doesn't define that book's worth because of my opinion. It's about perspective and things are looking very bright indeed.

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