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Who Doesn't Love A Superhero?

Superheroes, time traveling, knights, and romance. If you haven't checked out Jareth Tremaine and his league of superheroes, now is the time to act! The Guardian is only 99 pennies or free with Kindle Unlimited. Urban Fantasy with a fresh twist!

If you love all things fantasy, up for pre-order is a collection of short stories called, "Ever In The After". 13 YA authors came together to support the 2017 Lift 4 Autism Campaign. So, if you're searching for a new author, EITA is a perfect chance

to read stories from some of Amazon's best sellers--including yours truly :) And of course, 100% of the proceeds collected on this anthology goes to Lift 4 Autism. I've had the pleasure of reading some of the collection and it has werewolves, fairy tales re-told, dragons, and magical realms! There is amazing talent represented and I'm proud to have partnered with them. Go find your new favorite author by pre-ordering today!

EITA or The Guardian would be a great gift for your Valentine! Happy February to all! Now, get to clicking! Ready, set, go...

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