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$0.99 on Kindle for a Limited Time!

In order to get the man she had been obsessing about, Shelby Hollier has done unimaginable and unladylike things. Like stealing Solomon Tremaine’s wallet, stalking his home and trespassing upon his property. Before she knows it, she is sucked into a wormhole and into a world she never imagined still existed. Welcome to Dover Castle. A place where things are never what they seem...

The Heir is priced at $0.99 for a limited time on Kindle OR you can read it free on Kindle Unlimited! Link below to order today! Price will return to regular published price on February 1.

The great thing about my series is that each book is a stand alone. Whether you start with The Heir or one of the others, you are sure to get hooked on the time traveling Tremaine Family!

If you are new to my newsletter; WELCOME! Newletters go out once a month or bimonthly. You will not receive excessive emails from me. If you are interested in receiving ARCs, getting free bookish stuff, and giveaways, head over to Facebook and join my group Knight and Maiden's of Dover's Amalgam. I cannot wait to share the world of Dover's Amalgam with you!

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