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New Beginnings

It's never too late to take the right path

I've been quiet for a while, but I'm back. It may take some time for me to push publish again, but I have a few works in progress. In fact, I'm one of those works and I have a lot to say about domestic abuse. My silence is ending and I'm ready to help others out from the rubble abuse leaves behind. Coming soon is an ebook on abuse and how to come out from it. It's a personal recollection that I pray will lead others to finding their way to freedom. People entrapped in abuse need a lifeline and hope from those who have made it out to the other side. I'm going to throw that lifeline and bring out as many as I can from this crippling disease.

To all of my readers, you will be happy to hear that Peter's story is finished!!!! It has one more rounds of edits and that's it. Dover's Amalgam has a HUGE surprise in store and I can't wait to see where this next phase takes our brave heroes and heroines.

Speaking of heroines, Abigail's story has left the conception stage and is being written! What a voice she has and I think you'll be surprised at who she ends up with romantically.

For all of you who have patiently waited for me to return to the publishing world, thank you. Your many emails and messages have kept the fire alive and allowed me to press forward. I won't let you down!

A bit of clarification on my social media accounts. Facebook is for author news, publishing updates, and what I'm up to in the publishing world. Instagram is for my beta readers, ARCs, and teams. Twitter is a forum to help abuse survivors.

Until next time. Much love, peace, and good thoughts.

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