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"Just keep swimming," sings Dori

Reviews are still coming in from my lovely IG people. I know that I brag on these guys, but they are that amazing! The IG Bookstagrammers are the best.

As an avid reader, I know that one book won't fit everyone. My BFF loves the book 'Graceling' and I can't get passed chapter 1. Seriously. It's crazy. I know it's a good book, the BFF is flawless, but I just can't read it. I lose interest by page 5. I. Don't. Get. It.

So, admitting that; I understand that The Guardian and the series it begins, will not be for everyone. UGH! That hurt to say--really, my heart almost exploded.

HOWEVER..yes, a big, huge HOWEVER; there will be readers that will adore the series and characters and become my soul mate fans. I've met some these already and it's wonderful. This is the beginning of my adventure in writing, so I've got a long way to go. Do you know what that means????

I'll just keep getting better and better. I'm listening to all of the reviews/critics and learning as I go. The next book in my series has morphed sssooooo much since The Guardian. I'm hoping that all the lovelies who've read my first novel will stick with me and read this next book. I'm so excited for it's release.

So, like Dori, I'm just going to keep on swimming. Thanks to all of you who have read and reviewed The Guardian. I love you guys!!!!

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