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$0.99 on Kindle for a Limited Time!

So, today is April 15. The big TAX day--BLEH! I'm feeling it, so I decided to give a price cut to all the readers out there feeling the tax day crunch too! I will run this special for the rest of April. We are gearing up for the release of Jeremy's story on June 1. I've a couple of engagements on social media that I would love to hear from you. April 22 at 9;00 PM EST, I'll be hosting an author takeover on the FB page of KYLIE'S FICTION ADDICTION. I will be answering questions, have an interactive game or two, and I'll be giving away book swag and possibly a book giveaway as well. I'll also be talking about Category Jeremy and what you can expect from him. April 30 at 8:00 PM EST I'll be hosting another author takeover on the FB page of BOOKS AND BOYS BOOK BLOG. I'll have more book swag giveaways! Please sign up on these FB pages to join so you can participate and support me! I would love to have a good turn out and it will be fun. I have a few surprises that I think everyone will enjoy being involved.

Now, go shout it from the roof tops that The Guardian is only $0.99 for a limiting time! Love you guys! A great book can turn any ol' tax day into a good day! Happy reading!

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