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My Star Readers!

Truly, the best thing is seeing all of the lovely pictures posted with The Guardian and connecting with each of you. Each one of you has touched me and I am forever grateful that I am able to write and that you enjoy the stories! I love sharing the world of Dover Castle with you all! I have some fantastic news that I want to share and I will; soon. When all things are final, I will let you all in on it!

With that said, a little hint. I love to support things near and dear to my heart. I have set a few things in motion that are becoming a reality and I'm so thrilled that my books will not only entertain, but will raise awareness....OK! Enough hints.

Keep the pictures coming and keep reading! Thanks to all who have been faithful and placed reviews on Amazon. I will be getting those bookmarks in the mail and one lucky person will receive a bonus bookish swag! I can't wait for you to see that! I will post winner of drawing next week when this bookmark giveaway ends. Don't forget that there is another Goodreads Giveaway taking place until May 8, so spread the word to all of your friends who haven't picked up a copy of The Guardian.

Happy Reading!

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