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ARCs Are Back!

What does Harry Styles have to do with Chronicles of Dover's Amalgam? If you've been following closely, you'd know that he is the character sketch for Benjamin (thanks to my daughter and niece for planting the idea). Benjamin will get his story in book 7 of the series, but I digress. We're here to talk about Jeremy's story which is coming out June 1. I just couldn't resist posting this adorable picture of what Benjamin would look like drinking tea :)

I'm building my ARC team. ARCs will be ready next week, so I am beginning the selection for an elite, trustworthy team who I hope to develop a long standing relationship of ARCs. ARCs will be limited and the requirement are as follows:

1) If you received an ARC of The Guardian and you posted a review on AMAZON US, you automatically qualify. If you received an ARC from me before and have not reviewed, I'm sorry. But, there is still a chance to make it right by posting your review and alerting me that you did so. Just send me an email via my web site and I will check to see if you qualify. This is how important AMAZON reviews are. No exceptions.

2) All ARCs will be E-books. NO EXCEPTIONS. However, once my lovely ARC team completes its reviews, I will have a drawing and send out 3 hard copies to the winners. This will include international readers.

3) As always it is more than acceptable to review on social media, personal blogs, and Goodreads. All of this helps!

And guys..let me tell you how excited I am to present Category Jeremy to you. The cover, the story, the boy& exceeded all of my expectations. I'm so proud of this next story and I know you'll love it. If you gave The Guardian a high score, this book will triple it! The story flows well and so much is happening. Jeremy ushers in the age of Dover's Amalgam. His story is where we will meet hosts and new guardians. The action is fantastic!

If you think you're up to meeting my ARC team, send me a DM on Instagram or email me through my web site. I will notify you if you are chosen for my team. Thanks to all of you who have been faithful to review. It's been such an adventure so far and I can't wait to experience more of the world of Dover with all of you!


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