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Cover Reveal for Category Jeremy

Here is the newest edition of Chronicles of Dover's Amalgam: Category Jeremy. Jeremy's story will be released June 1. I didn't sign a contract with Amazon this time, so its available on Kobo and Barnes&Noble.

I'm so excited to share Jeremy & Beau's story. Jeremy is such a sweetheart and he is going to steal your heart! Unlike Jareth, Jeremy is a modern boy with super-powers galore. Beau is the girl he left behind when Hurricane Libby changed Jeremy forever.

Cover design was done by the amazing dcp designs.

Please tell everyone you know that The Guardian is FREE on Kindle for one week prior to the release of Jeremy's story which means that its on sale now! So, tell all of your friends to pick up a copy while it's free because it is only for a limited time.

I'm currently wrapping up Solomon's story. His story will be last in the series that has a heroine from Louisiana. Things are changing in medieval Dover. You won't want to miss Jeremy's story to see how things are shifting **hint hint** in different centuries. Solomon's story will be available some time this coming fall (fingers crossed).

I hope you're enjoy watching the Tremaine family grow up. The kids are getting older; Jareth and Elizabet are wildly in love, but their kids are giving them each a good run around.

Thank you to all of you who love Dover and the Amalgam as much as I do!

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