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ARCs for The Heir

This is a special call to my ARC team! Up above is an unreleased teaser for my upcoming book The Heir. Production was slowed due to flooding in my home state, but I'm happy to announce that things are back on track. The Heir is set to release in mid to late October! This means that I am gathering my ARC team! The requirements are easy: You must have read the first 2 books AND left reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. If you qualify, please send me an email with your name and email address so I can add you to the list. If you are new to ARCs from me, simply read and review the first 2 books and then send me an email to be considered for an advanced copy of The Heir!

As a gift to my precious ARC team, I will have a giveaway/drawing that will include physical copies of all 3 books and book swag. This is open to all of my team, including international participants. The drawing will be held approximately one month after release of The Heir. To be included in the drawing, you must follow through with a review of book 3.

The Heir is Solomon's story and I'm so excited to present it to you! This will be last story that features a Louisiana heroine, so hold tight! Things are changing for the Amalgam! This book has been written since 2010, so while I wanted to change things up a bit, Solomon protested. He wanted his story to remain true to the original outline. His story leads us into another facet of the adventures that surround Dover Castle. Everything is changing!

Where will the wormhole take us this time?

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