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Face Palm Days A Plenty

**Face Palm**

And so starts the day of an author. One who has to work a full time day job AND find the time to write. UGH! So, enters the face palm. Truth is I love to write. Reality is that writing, unless you're a best selling author, doesn't pay the bills. But, here is the crux of the matter: I would write anyway. It's part of my soul. I've written since I was a child, becoming particularly obsessed with it at about the age of 11 after I'd read a series by V C Andrews. My mother played a big part of my writing journey and on September 28, I get to honor her memory by hosting a book event at my hometown library where she was the librarian for many years. I'll be discussing Dover's Amalgam and my life as a perpetual writer. Hopefully, there won't be any face palms. One can hope at least.

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